About Commenting

Comments are encouraged and welcome!  Constructive criticism in the manner of opinion, pointers, references, and proofs (you can tex in the comment section by writing code between [*tex] and [*/tex] tags without asterisks), etc., are much appreciated, thought about, and (time and circumstance permitting) replied to.  Active discussion is sought for.  All comments should be as relevant as possible to the subject-matter of the posts.

I do mod-out comments that seem disrespectful or cross the line of courtesy (if it's borderline, it is modded-out too): this in an attempt to establish a protocol of civility and to foster an environment of dispassionate communication between all parties involved.


1. Mod-outtable: "You're ideas are silly/ridiculous because of X, Y, Z."

2. Approvable:  "Have you thought perhaps X, Y, Z?" or "I think that X, Y, Z suggests that..."

The first statement may offer valuable reasons X, Y, Z  that refute the subject-matter of a post, but gratuitously confers a value-judgment on the ideas of the author and on the author himself by association -- even if the points are on-target and important, the additional inflammatory remark invalidates the commenter's right to post (on that occasion), and hence his comments will be lost to the readership.

If instead the commenter would phrase his points as suggested in version 2, he would automatically receive approval by the moderator.  In this case, he conveys his reasons X, Y, Z with fair-mindedness, and can be afforded an equally fair-minded response that either supports his point-of-view, investigates it further, or disagrees because of X', Y', and Z'.

  1. Luce
    June 17th, 2009 at 20:14 | #1

    love the surprise endings -- in the tet-tet-tet AND the queen ant poems!

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