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The Plant Kingdom, Tonsured

Plants, sheared to a stub
like corn, reaped for harvest
or grasses, mowed
and trees, cut of their limbs
for decoration
or put down for paper
issue forth an
aspirin-like compound into the air
for the


I kid you not.
It is true that plants
have no nerves
have no minds
and do not twitch in agony
like we do. But then


do they release an analgesic
into the surroundings
when under stress?

In utter silence
of monastic proportions
plants endure our butchery
And never do we thank them
or admire them
for their exuberant boon
their fruit
their strength
their beautiful verdure
their venerable, stoic


*In writing this poem, I thought of the Amazon and Brazil and the exaggerated deforestation taking place there.  An interesting article can also be found here, as an example.

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